Thursday December 9th

Thursday - December 9th

Thursday morning we headed back down the mountain, this time with the intent of heading towards Carson City. We needed to taste the cheap steaks, and wanted to see the capitol buildings. The drive down the hill was a bit more slippery this day.

We pulled over by Tunnel Rock to get a closer look at the Blue waters of Lake Tahoe.

Then we headed down the mountain to Carson City. The snow was gone and it was relatively warm in the city. We headed to the Golden Nugget to see the purported Gold Collection that I had read about. I had expected a bit more than a lone display case on the side of the Casino, but the pieces were interesting none the less.

After about 5 minutes of looking at the gold nuggets we headed down the main street, which at one time was the route of the pony express heading towards Lake Tahoe on its way west. When we arrived at the Capital Building, one of the lawn care workers pointed out how to get to the small museum inside. He also mentioned that the Governor wasn't in a good mood today, so he suggested we not peep in on him.

We continued down the street, where we saw some Giant Sequoia trees, as well as some very white Aspen trees. The sun was very bright on us, which tends to make the digital pictures a bit more difficult to take with my camera. I obviously need better equipment. Anyhow the domes of the buildings here are somewhat unique since most capital buildings have golden domes. These are silver to represent the importance of the silver that was found in Nevada along with the gold.

After our little walk we headed back to the Golden Nugget Casino, where we had a huge buffet dinner for like $5. We all got an additional 10% off the listed price for being over 50. Of course they eventually got their money out of us on the card tables and slot machines.

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