New York - 2004

We don't usually travel in July because that's typically when the figs are getting ripe and I don't want to miss that. This year was different because Melisa Macasieb married Antoine Mellet on July 18th.

I haven't found any descriptions of this trip but I believe we flew into JFK airport and rented a car which we drove through Manhattan and through the tunnel to get to the Marriott Courtyard at Jersey City Newport. The hotel is adjacent to the NJ PATH Station which is only one train stop away from New York City. We would leave the hotel walk around the corner and enter the subway to New York City. It was so convenient.

Unless I find my notes later there won't be a very in depth description of the happenings on this trip. I had made a slide show of Melisa's wedding that I linked to the picture on the left. The show uses active x stuff that you may need to allow for your browser to show it. Use the back button to return to here.
The wedding took place at St. Paul's Chapel of Columbia University. We drove our car to there and to the reception afterwards. I don't remember the name of the place, but it overlooked the Hudson River. I think it was La Marina.

So I'm not sure of the order of events on this trip, but one of our subway rides took us to Ground Zero.

Ground Zero - July 2004

So another place we had to visit was the Empire State Building. We did the elevator ride to the top and walked around to get all the views.

Empire State Building - July, 2004

We were much more mobile back then, so it wasn't anything to take the subway to various stops and then see what the city had to offer. My pictures aren't that high of resolution, especially in St. Patrick's cathedral. I think I only had my movie camera with and these were screen captures. We saw Fidler on the Roof in the The Minskoff Theatre. It was amazing.

City Views, St. Pactricks Cathedral, etc. - July, 2004

That evening we met Roland and Tess. They drove us to get a New Jersey side view of New York City.

City viewed from New Jersey - July, 2004

So the next day we took the subway back into the city. This time we headed to Wall Street and the financial district. We also headed to the Statue of Liberty, but when we got to the Castle Clinton National Monument, near Battery Park, where they sell the tickets, we saw how long the line was and decided to just view from the distance. The ticket sales building was originally constructed in 1808 as the Southwest Battery to protect New York from the British.

City Views, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty - July, 2004

So this day Tessie took us to view New York from New Jersey side in the daylight. I think where she took us was Liberty State Park.

New York view from New Jersey - July, 2004

We headed back to the city the next day to see Mama Mia at the Schubert Theatre (Winter Gardens Theatre). Mama Mia was a great play and the actors stayed after to sign peoples programs.

Dad had given me a picture of him in New York with Jack Dempsey at the time of his deployment for the war and thought I would try to find it since it was supposed to be on Broadway Street a few blocks from the theatre. We though we found it, but later noticed it was missing a P. Even though this one has several pictures of Jack, I don't think it was ever related to his business.

We also made sure to visit 5th avenue, Radio City Music Hall, the Trump Building, The United Nations Building, and Central Station. We visited Times Square for some night views and pictures.

City Views - July, 2004

For our final little excursion this trip, Bert and Tess Macalalad got us a comp room at Bally's Casino in Atlantic City. While there, we met Alice, checked out the boardwalk and did some gambling.

Atlantic City, New Jersey - July, 2004


Marriott Courtyard Jersey-City-Newport

St. Paul's Chapel Columbia University

La Marina

Empire State Building

Winter Garden Theatre - Schubert Theatre

The Minskoff Theatre

Liberty State Park

Jack Demsey's Pub

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