San Antonio - 2004

February 13 th Bus Trip :
We were in the process of getting St. Helena Church launched and were close to the groundbreaking time. Father James Farfaglia arranged a Pilgrimage to San Antonio. The motor coach left from O.L.P.H. at 7:00 a.m. First we saw a Mass of the Maronite Rite at the Maronite Church of St. George. The Pastor gave an explanation of this ancient rite. Next we had a delicious lunch prepared by the ladies of the parish. Then we visited the Church of Our Lady of Atonement, a former Episcopalian parish which is now Catholic.

We saw various icons and learned the significance of the images in relation to the altar. We learned what is a Triptych and other subtleties of the church. The stained glass windows were beautiful but they are hard to photograph.

Catholic Ancient Rite Church Visits - February 13, 2004

Monday, March 03rd :
So the second San Antonio trip came because Lina Steward, Remy's walking companion from our days in Vancouver had come to visit us. I think she and Remy first visited Lucy in New Orleans, then she spent a few days here. She cooked us up some eel that was surprisingly good. That was a first time eating that for me.

So we took her to see the wild flowers on the way to San Antonio as they were in full bloom. We continued to the Alamo and then the River Walk.

San Antonio - March 03, 2004


St. George Maronite Catholic Church

Our Lady of Atonement Catholic Church

Alamo, the Mission, the Battle, the Legend

The San Antonio Riverwalk

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