Christmas Eve Snowstorm
Corpus Christi, Texas

December 24 th , 2004:

This would be our first Christmas at St. Helena of the True Cross so everyone was planning a party after mid-night mass in the hall at OLPH. Father James had arranged for us to use the hall. Everyone was cooking their favorite foods for a pot luck dinner there. There had been a steady rain all morning and in the early afternoon I noticed the rain drops were starting to thicken.

Soon the rain turned to sleet, then to snow. The snow flakes were huge and kept falling steadily. After a few hours there was significant accumulation of snow on the roads.

People kept calling father to see if he was going to cancel the mass and get together. He just laughed at them. He's a New Yorker and snow is normal there. By the time the mass started there was over a foot of snow on the ground and it was still coming down steady.

Surprisingly many people still made it to mass. They then headed to the pot luck dinner, but first had snow ball battles in front of the hall.

First time many of the Texans ever saw snow.

Christmas Eve Snow Storm

When we left the pot luck and headed home we found our driveway and yard covered in snow. The pineapple plants did not enjoy the winter weather.

Christmas Eve Snow Storm

December 25 th , 2004:

The next day everyone was out making snowmen or taking pictures of snow. That includes me. We had to be quick because the snow wasn't hanging around very long. The next day it was gone.

Christmas Day

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