So "Our Lady of the Rosary School was out for the summer and the nuns had some time off. Remy arranged that we would use some of our Mariott points to get them and us some rooms in San Antonio. We picked a hotel just off I-10 to give us easy access to our planned excursions. I think we used the Residence Inn San Antonio Downtown/Market Square.

Our first adventure was to the Discovery Tour of the Natural Bridge Caverns. Here is a description of their advertisement for the tour: "Discovery Tour introduces you to an underground world of natural beauty and amazement. Travel through a half-mile of the largest and most spectacular show cavern in Texas. You'll walk 180 feet below the ground, while listening to our knowledgeable tour guide. See awe-inspiring, ancient formations centuries in the making and still growing today, such as amazing stalagmites, stalactites, flowstones, chandeliers and soda straws."

I have to admit it was a very interesting walk for me. Most of the nuns seemed to enjoy it too.

Natural Bridge Underground Adventure - San Antonio, Texas

Not too far from the Natural Bridge Caverns is the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch with over 450-acres of pristine, natural, protected, environment, animals. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch takes pride in showcasing and sharing with you amazing creatures from all over the world. One part education, one part preservation; mixing it up for a day full of fun and adventure.

It was an interesting drive through this open "zoo". The osteriches were particularly agressive and you got a close hand view of some Texas Longhorns and various species of deer, etc.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

The next day we had a long breakfast then headed out to Sea World. Some of the nuns wanted to do the rides others to see the shows. So we split up and met back at the gate at a chosen time. Remy is not a roller coaster person so we took in the shows. They were pretty typical of other Sea Worlds we've gone to. I didn't take a lot of pictures instead I was using my movie camera. Here are some images I extracted from the moview of the water skiing exhibition and one of the other shows.

Views around the seaworld

In October Sister Paz asked us to go to Lackland Air Force Base where a niece of hers was graduating from basic training. So we did a day trip there. I took some pictures for them that I had assemled like a web page for easy viewing. So here are some images of Grace Blazado and Michael Florece on their graduation from basic training.



Discovery Tour - Natural Bridge Caverns
Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch
Sea World - San Antonio
Lackland Airforce Base

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