Las Vegas, Nevada - February 2010

The year 2009 was a struggle for me. Diagnosed with cancer on my tongue in early May. I had half my tongue removed, after recovering from the surgery I got 40 doses of radiation over the next 9 or 10 weeks with chemo on the Fridays. I had taken one trip to New Orleans do a project review on the EVS upgrade project. I was still feeding myself through the stomach, but starting to eat some solid food.

We did a timeshare exchange for somewhere near the center of town. Got around town using the trolly. It has stops at MGM Grand, Ballys/Paris, Flamingo/Caesars Palace, Harrahs, Convention Center, and Westgate.

The first set of pictures is of the outside of the casinos. New York, New York has very nice replica of the Statue of Liberty.

The MGM has an impressive lion statue and several slaves carrying water bowls. They look to be copper, but it's probably all paint.

The Luxor has the impressive looking monolith that I put the detailed picture of on the left side of this page.

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On the second set of photos, you will see some more photos of the outsides decorations of the casinos. It happened to be Chinese New Year. The year of the Tiger. I'm not sure,but based on the time stamp on the pictures I think the Chinese New Year display was at the Wynn.

I included some interesting Treasure Island photos on this set.

Remy did her normal routines with the one armed bandits. I did a little bit of black jack at the various casinos. They are changing the rules to give us less chance to break even.

We took in some shows, got stood up by Wayne Newton at the Tropicana. Not sure why he canceled.

We saw a comedy show: Rita Radner. Remy wasn't impressed, but I thought she was good.

The Cirque du Soleil we saw at the Wynn was called La Reve, In addition to the normal Cirque du Soleil acrobatics, the show was done in the water. The entire show was quite amazing.

The last set of photos on the next section show the same casino attractions, but I left Remy inside and got some different, more detailed views of their theme decorations.

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